Guesswork Taken Out of The Equation

Reps respond faster to customer inquiries and have higher confidence about collateral the share with Enablix

improved sales
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Needed content enablement to accelerate sales

TechnoMile, an international technology and business process consulting services company, uses innovative technology to deliver industry-specific offerings that fosters deep participant engagement, enhances the customer experience and delivers greater return on technology investments. They conduct strategic assessments and drive organizational alignment to provide solutions that help clients meet their specific business needs, as well as those of their customers. In such a highly technical and dynamic market, TechnoMile required a cost-effective solution that would allow sales to quickly find the most relevant and up-to-date content.

When the TechnoMile sales team requires collateral, the need is immediate. But finding the right material, at the right time, was a cumbersome task that took reps away from their primary function – selling. The end results – sales was spending time searching for what they needed or asking colleagues and/or management if such documentation even existed. This process was made even more unmanageable when a search revealed duplicate versions of a single document. TechnoMile needed a solution that would enable sales to quickly find the right content, as well as improve version control.

Hunter Crozier, Technomile

Hunter Cronier

Marketing & Alliances,

Inquiries of content availability have gone from 2 to 3 times a day to just once or twice a month. The integration with Salesforce is a game-changer as it truly brings the data to your fingertips.

Bridging the content gap

With a focus on content dissemination and a need for a back-office product to augment current marketing automation tools, TechnoMile researched a variety of options. Although competing offerings could meet their immediate needs, they were expensive and content needed to be stored on a third-party server to attain full functionality – posing content security concerns. For TechnoMile, the beauty of Enablix was in its ability to lay the product on top of an instance and use a third-party to tag, track and manipulate it – without affecting the underlying file. With an affordable price point and an intuitive user interface, Enablix delivered content management best practices, improved content accessibility and provided an easier way to share and distribute content.

With Enablix, TechnoMile has ownership and control of their content. They are able to track who’s editing and accessing specific documents, view what updates have been made and eliminate duplicate versions. And with the ability to quickly find the needed content, sales has become a lot more efficient. In fact, finding the right content is now five times faster!

“My favorite feature is the one that suggests additional documents the way that Amazon suggests additional purchases, because generally — yes! I do need those as well.”

With content guesswork taken out of the equation, reps are able to respond faster to customer inquiries and have higher confidence about the collateral they are sharing externally. Ultimately sales reps now have the time they require to focus on the customer – improving sales velocity.

Smarter sales enablement

Enablix give sales managers and marketers the metrics they need to make business decisions. For instance, a request for documents from multiple sales reps will reveal which reps opened all content and continued to search for additional material vs. reps who only opened a few of the docs. This insight not only tells the sales management team who the go-getters are, but provides valuable information on what material is being used and what needs to be created.

Annual and one-off events are also benefiting from Enablix. Sales kick-off is always a time of increased content output, sales plans, etc., and reps need to be able to quickly access and digest the material. Enablix enables TechnoMile to store all sales kick-off related material in a single place, quickly distribute the entire package (including new collateral), and give reps all the content they need from a single source.

“The ability to quickly incorporate user requests into the roadmap and deliver the requested functionality should not be overlooked. The company and its approach are unique for the price point.”