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A single content hub and simple search capabilities are empowering sales reps to do their jobs better and close more deals, faster.

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In business for over two decades, Haystax offers advanced security analytics and visionary risk management solutions to enable government, as well as financial and commercial enterprises to rapidly identify and mitigate insider threats and cyber fraud. They also provide a suite of products to allow public safety agencies to defend critical infrastructures, protect major events and respond to natural disasters.

As a company that focuses on helping organizations reduce complex and evolving security risks, they require a large quantity of content on the products they offer and their use cases. Version control is a high priority, and final content needs to be easily accessible and always up-to-date. Their previous project management tool stored every version of every document, making it difficult and time consuming to find final approved content. Haystax knew the time had come to replace their current tool with a solution that would take the chaos out of content discovery.


John Boatman

Director of Content Development, Haystax

The interface is simple to use, and the product gives users a tremendous amount of flexibility. Enablix is a sales content enablement tool in the truest sense of the word.

A knowledge management system is born

After some Internet research and a comparison of strengths and weaknesses of products on the market, Enablix was chosen. As the new kid on the block, Enablix takes advantage of a lot more open source technologies than some of the legacy proprietary software offerings currently on the market, providing Haystax with the agility they require. The simple user interface (UI) promotes ease-of-use, while its flexibility enables Haystax to customize the interface, tailor what is seen on the homepage and modify workflows to align with their internal company communications.

As an early adopter of Enablix, John Boatman, Director of Content Development at Haystax had a front row seat as a beta tester. Suggestions and feedback made to Enablix was incorporated into the product – many times in just a single day! The responsiveness of Enablix and their willingness to explain concepts behind the functionality, further cemented Haystax’s decision to partner with Enablix.

Although Enablix is primarily used as a sales enablement tool and a content repository for all sales and marketing material – blogs, email campaigns, fact sheets, white papers, proposals, proof of concept methodologies, etc. – Haystax also uses the product for everything corporate-related such as PowerPoint templates, instructional material, letterhead, company logos, employee handbooks and benefits documents. While sales reps are the power users, this single repository of content is shared across the organization, giving everyone easy access to the latest and greatest assets.

“With Enablix, marketing, sales enablement, and sales reps are all on the same page. Additionally, as we have been hiring new sales reps, having all the collateral in a central place has been quite helpful. The analytics on content engagement further helps us make informed decisions on content investments.”

This single content hub and simple search capabilities are empowering sales reps to do their jobs better and close more deals, faster. With all content readily available, reps have been able to take back the time they use to spend searching for the right material. And with only final material posted, they no longer need to spend time determining if there is a more recent version. When updates are made to material, the previous version is immediately removed.

New hires benefit from fast adoption

As new employees are hired they are introduced to Enablix as part of the onboarding process. This intuitive product has made the onboarding processes much simpler and less time consuming. In addition to new hire material, they are able to quickly see all available content – giving them the tools they need to hit the ground running.

“A recent new hire was up and running on Enablix in less than a day.”