A Single Source of Truth for Sales Content

Enablix takes Aryaka’s content management game “to an entirely different level”

key outcomes

Sales sees how prospects and customers are engaging with assets, which makes follow-ups more targeted

100% of new team members begin learning and sharing on Enablix within 20 days

Advanced content metadata allows reps to quickly find content and respond to opportunities with the right assets

Dramatically decreased the time marketing spends managing content, saving 5+ hours each week

"Outdated branding and messaging lurked in the collateral shadows. Enablix helped to fix all that, almost immediately."​
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“Flexible, proactive, and knowledgeable about the buying journey … hands down one of the best teams I have ever worked with”
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disorganized Content made it difficult to create a consistent buying journey

Aryaka, an enterprise IT security team with customers across the globe, has always put customer experience first, having received recognition from Gartner as the ‘Customer’s Choice’.

However, while Aryaka is known for a great customer experience, an unorganized content system made brand consistency prior to a sale more difficult. The existing management systems were no longer serving their sales team, and made finding the best content for a prospect difficult. 

Marketing Leader Sean Kaine explained the problem,

“Like most companies, our content lives on a variety of different platforms including Sharepoint, Confluence, and the worst of all, individuals’ computers. Version control was challenging. Outdated branding and messaging lurked in the collateral shadows.”

Version control issues made it hard to know if sales reps were sharing the most effective and up to date content.

Aryaka also serves enterprise companies across the world, which means high volumes of content are added regularly. Without a way to tag or organize content, the marketing team was in charge of getting sales the content they needed when requested.

As these issues became clearer, the Aryaka team knew it was time to search for a new solution. “We were looking for a tool that was quick to deploy, easy to manage, and most important, something that truly empowered our sales teams to engage prospects and customers,” said Sean.

With the inefficient buying experience in mind and a sales kick off on the horizon, the team began searching for a new solution that could solve their content problems.


One place for all sales content

With the goal of creating a more consistent buyer experience, Aryaka began evaluating new tools. Enablix’s insights, and content management system prompted the team to give the platform a try.

“Enablix is incredibly intuitive and requires so little overhead to manage that after a short trial, we were hooked.”

With Enablix, the Aryaka team was able to quickly organize their content library with the tagging and labeling system. This made it much easier for the sales team to find and identify the content they needed. ”It’s just remarkably easy to tag content to ensure that it shows-up in the variety of ways that teams in the field look for it: by region, by asset type, by service, by customer need.” Additionally, for companies like Aryaka that are doing business globally, the tagging system makes it easy to identify content for a buyer, no matter where they are.

Enablix’s flexible data taxonomy and visual search capabilities were the perfect match for Aryaka’s wide range of content needs. “There are a ton of different ways that these reps might try to look for content,” said Jennifer Johnson, customer success manager at Enablix. “Applying our multi-level metadata to Aryaka’s content was not only super easy, but it also didn’t require any sales engineering to make it work”. 

This new content organization system also made it easier to keep track of the most recent versions of content, meaning that no outdated or old branding was being shared by sales reps. By eliminating version control issues, Aryaka’s buyer experience started to become more consistent and effective.

With a more organized content system, marketing was no longer contacted when sales needed to find content. Marketing noted how helpful this change was by saying, “[Enablix] cuts down on the manual process of emailing individuals to find content and empowers the field to quickly respond to opportunities with the right assets.” 

Sales also found immediate value in the platform, with insights and analytics. Information on which buyers were interacting with which content made it easier to understand the best actions needed to close a deal.

“On the sales side, the ability to see how prospects and customers engaged with our assets is invaluable. It helps both sales and marketing understand who is engaging and with what.”

This information could also be passed back to marketing, allowing the team to further improve not only the sales content, but the entire buyer experience

sean kaine

Sean Kaine

Marketing Leader, Aryaka

“We’ve seen immediate adoption of Enablix. New sales and account team members are provided access on their initial on-boarding and we can see them learning and sharing within days. It requires very little training and the analytics engine provides us great insight into what is delivering value for the company.”


an effective and consistent buying process

One of the biggest fears in implementing any new platform is team adoption. Fortunately, the teams at Aryaka were able to see value in Enablix quickly and were eager to implement the platform into their daily tasks.

Not only did the team see benefits from the tool, but a short onboarding cycle increased efficiency across teams almost immediately.

Sales no longer asks marketing for content, giving the marketing team more time to focus on creating and improving content for sales. Additionally, the updates and organization of the content library, mean that marketing can clearly identify gaps in content, and address them quickly. With more time for creating content, and a better understanding of what content is needed, the marketing team was able to increase its output of valuable content, less than a month after integrating the tool.

Prior to Enablix, Aryaka was reacting to each buyer and scrambling for content, meaning there was little predictability in the buyer experience. For a company with the best customer experience in the industry, the buyer experience should be no different.

With the Enablix platform, the Aryaka team was able to create a more consistent buyer experience, resulting in more buyers becoming customers.