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The Engine Powering a Data-Driven Content Strategy

Acima Leasing creates end-to-end content insights and fuels their sales team with an easy-to-use resource and analytics hub

key outcomes

Acima has increased their rate of enrollment and total bookings through Enablix’s single source of resources for the sales team

Acima’s marketing team has a trove of analytics from sales and marketing outbound to understand what’s resonating with their target audience

Cross team buy-in with solutioning and platform customization during the onboarding process led to >80% sales team adoption

Prospects and partners can easily engage with content that is shared through microsites and engagement hubs


A scattered content library with no insights or understanding of what buyers want to see

If you can’t measure something, you can’t improve it – at least that was what Acima Leasing found when trying to optimize their sales content.

Acima, a leading provider of lease-to-own (“LTO”) solutions for merchants and consumers, found themselves with a classic content marketing conundrum – and they were suffering. Although they could easily measure how their content was performing on their website, they were unable to see what content resonated with audiences during the sales cycle – or even if their reps were using content at all. 

Matt Allred, Marketing Director at Acima, sums it up:

"We were just always in this position where we couldn't really optimize our content strategy because we weren't tracking any engagement. We didn't understand what was being accessed internally, externally, or what the buyer activity was on those things. We also didn't have a good way of providing consistent compliant resources to the team. We absolutely were suffering at Acima because we simply didn’t have a spot to provide resources for our team."

So not only was there no way to understand buyer preferences – there wasn’t even an easy way to provide material for the team, with collateral constantly getting lost in Sharepoint. As Reese Moore, sales enablement leader, puts it, they “just had a cloud where they could download the content and then send it as an attachment to the prospects – and that wasn’t really effective at all.”

With no central source of content and no buyer analytics, they were adrift in a sea of opinions. That’s when they realized they needed a change.

Meet the team

matt allred

Matt Allred

Marketing Director

Reese Moore

Reese Moore

Sales Enablement


A digital “refrigerator” that keeps content fresh and relevant for reps to create better buyer experiences

Enablement platforms aren’t often referred to as refrigerators, but it really does make sense. Matt explains that “I call Enablix the refrigerator because everyone always goes to check what’s there first”. 

But, Enablix wasn’t the only enablement vendor Acima considered when looking for a solution to their problem. Acima began their search by finding a handful of platforms and going through the typical sales motion, wanting to try out platforms to see if one fit their specific needs. But something about Enablix stuck out. Matt explains:

“With Enablix, honestly, I just liked the team better. Everybody that I talked with was a lot more flexible and willing to support use cases for us. Case in point, there's things we would talk about and then [our CSM] JJ would reach out to us later like, ‘Hey, just a heads up - we built that.’ . . . just right out of the gate, you guys were a lot more flexible on everything from the contract to support to the tool itself. You showed us you believed in the product and were willing to let us try it at our pace”

After a four month Proof-of-Concept, the Acima team realized that Enablix fit their needs. When pinned down on why Enablix was the right choice, Matt touched on the fact that it’s about more than the analytics – it’s also about organization:

“While it’s on us to create good content to actually go into Enablix, you guys have a lot of tools that allow us to create and service that content. Not only host it, but then also make it accessible and use it in interesting ways throughout the sales cycle”


Enhanced bookings and buyer engagement alongside a content-driven roadmap

With a content library that’s easy for reps to find fully in place, and engagement analytics being measured every time collateral is shared, what’s changed?

A data-driven content strategy

Well, for one – Acima has finally been able to create a data-driven content strategy using Enablix engagement analytics. Or, as Reese puts it:

“When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates. This is super true for our content, and it’s what Enablix has allowed us to do. Not only is it measured and reported, it then accelerates our engagement and accelerates our performance. Our content is the exact parallel of what is being used, or what's performing the best, within Enablix. So our horizon is built by our Enablix Portal“

Compelling buyer experiences and microsites

It’s not just the fact that reps are finding and getting buyer engagement – it’s their ability to create compelling buyer experiences using Enablix microsites. As Matt says, 

"It's the engine that powers our content strategy, so not only can we say people opened the email, but then ask what did they do after that? Well, we can see that they opened the email this many times after we sent it. So it's like, okay cool, then that email is working. We're getting good engagement from it, and we know exactly who is engaging with it, which is a pretty cool thing."

“I would say the microsites are probably some of the strongest value-adds, because they’re truly one of those items that definitely set you apart when you are talking to somebody. There's a shift in how you talk to others and share content with them."

sales rep adoption

Outside of individual features, the sales reps at Acima generally love using Enablix because it meets them where they are and empowers them to improve.

“We're empowering reps. Rather than saying, here's something, but you can only send it one at a time… We’re saying you can send it a hundred at a time now through an enablers tool. And we'll meet you wherever you need to be, and this has ultimately allowed us to sharpen the tools and even create new ones that allow us to increase the rate of enrollments and efficiency around the team.

Trusted by the entire team

Although the Acima team doesn’t have precise facts and figures to prove that Enablix is working, Matt says “we went from no accessibility to total accessibility, we went from having difficulty tracking and managing content to complete oversight and we went from no attribution on any content to complete attribution on any content.”

And this is value that has been seen by more than just the sales and marketing teams. Hear how Enablix is a trusted tool for even the most important customers at Acima, by all members of their team.