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If we’re using industry jargon, we are a Sales Enablement software provider. However, Sales Enablement is a broad discipline. Our customers use our platform for Sales “Content” Enablement.

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How Do Organizations Use Enablix Today?

In today’s digital age, content is critical to marketing and sales operations. The content formats have also expanded beyond files to online and video content. Today, online blog posts and YouTube videos are table stakes for companies.

However, this proliferation of content assets has created a content discovery and sharing challenge. Organizations are struggling with content everywhere, buried in emails and chat applications, and lost on cloud storage apps. And their customer-facing team members are finding it challenging to find the right content to share it with their prospects.

Our customers address this content challenge with Enablix.

"Building a one-stop-shop for all of our content across the business which helps a global team find all the content they need."
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"We have a very strong sales culture that needs to have the right content to share at the right time. Enablix has enabled us to have all of that content in one place and know that we always have the most up to date version."
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"Sales now has on-demand insight into the latest produced content and spend less time digging to find the relevant content to share with customers and prospects."
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"Enablix helps us understand how sales engage with content; and in turn how prospects engage with shared content."
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Build Content Portals

One place for customer-facing teams to navigate and search for the right content.

Help Share Content

Sales teams can share the content with their prospects and customers with the right experience.

Leverage Existing Content

Serve content from existing sources (websites, cloud apps, video CMS) in a single application.

Gain Insights

Gain visibility on content effectiveness, engagement, and coverage to make future investments.

Sales Marketing Alignment

Keep sales and marketing on the same page with messaging, content, and branding.

Quality Content Library

Maintain a high-quality content repository without high effort and time investment.

What We Don't Do:

Sales Enablement is a broad industry that covers a number of different functions. Check out the G2 Grid on Sales Enablement vendors (yeah, it is crazy). We focus on “Sales Content Enablement.” To help you navigate the sales enablement use cases and understand where Enablix can help, here are some things that we are not and we do not do.​

We are not a training and coaching platform

Training and coaching is a big part of the sales enablement function. There are dedicated vendors that focus on training and coaching. They are also referred to as LMS (Learning Management Systems). We integrate with modern training and coaching platforms.

We are not a cloud storage platform

We do not plan to replace your organization’s cloud storage platform. Cloud storage platforms offer a secure and cloud-based storage solution for your organization. However, they are not ideal for marketers and content owners to manage, organize, and share quality content with their customer-facing teams. Our customers use Enablix alongside their cloud storage platforms. Think of Enablix as a layer on top of your cloud storage platform that gives you access to vetted and trusted content and filters out the content chaos.

We are not a Wiki

Wikis are a different beast that offer granular level version control and collaboration capabilities. In our product, we offer features to create text-based content. However, we don't consider that feature comparable to a Wiki. Therefore, if you are looking for a wiki, then we are not the right tool.

Who We Are

We worked in product management, marketing, and sales roles in b2b organizations in our prior careers. There we recognized that content and knowledge are core to an organization’s marketing and sales success. We started Enablix in early 2017 to offer marketers and content owners the means to organize their content assets and enable their customer-facing teams to find and share the right content. 

B2B Focus

We work with marketing and sales teams of growing B2B companies.

Global Footprint

Our team is distributed around the world to ensure that "the sun never sets" on Enablix

Our Priority

Our mission is to provide a positive experience for anyone that talks to Enablix

A Remote Company

We do not have any physical offices. Everyone works remotely from different parts of the world.

Leadership Team
Gaurav Harode

Gaurav Harode

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Dikshit Luthra

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