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A Complete Guide To Sales Enablement Insights
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you know that the analytics and insights you gather from a sales enablement platform are GOLD.

But what are these insights? How to use these insights? Are there any dependencies on gathering these insights? This guide answers these pesky questions and more.

You will learn about the,
These learnings will help set the right expectations for you and other enablement stakeholders. A reference guide for your current and future sales enablement investments.
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Some best practices nuggets from the guide:
“Capture prospect identity by streamlining the sharing process. Anonymized content engagement insights are less useful.”

“Your rep knows the buyer the best. Don’t be surprised if the content gets used outside the mapped buying stage. Content mapping is meant to help reps guide the buyer through the journey. It is not supposed to be a strict mapping. “

“Attribution is dependent on the accuracy of your CRM data. Make sure you have data accuracy before you invest in measuring content attribution.“

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