7 Content Assets For Reps To Enable Buyers

Does this sound familiar? You have a buyer that is interested in your offering but hasn’t committed. You have a buyer who is looking at different vendors to address a business problem. You want to make an impression that makes you stand out from the competition. Your buyer contact convinced but needs help to convince […]

6 Scenarios When Reps Need Content Outside A Sales Opportunity

Content is a core part of today’s sales and marketing process. B2B companies are investing in content to educate their audience, their buyers, and win deals. Many organizations use content to generate leads and drive interest in their offerings. And, the use of content does not stop there. Once an opportunity is identified and prospects […]

5 Benefits from Consolidating Access to Trusted Content

Businesses of all sizes are investing more time, resources, and money into content than ever before. According to this 2017 study, most successful B2B marketers dedicate around 39% of their marketing budgets to content. Furthermore, with B2B marketers enable their sales teams with the right content is a big part of their content spend. However, […]

Sales Kickoff – An Opportunity To Up Your Content

Sales Kickoffs are ultra-important. Organizations spend a ton of resources and money on Sales Kickoffs every year. Not only do companies have their entire sales teams in one single location, but they also take other sales-supporting members to help with the kickoff. Everyone huddles down for multiple days to chalk out future plan and strategy. HubSpot […]