Fishtech Group's marketing team uses Enablix to arm their sales team with the right content and helps reps become a trusted advisor to their customers and buyers

Ease of use drives sales adoption and engagement

Enablix has enabled a simple, yet effective content enablement process

Fishtech Group Results

  • Increase in sales content adoption

  • Increased visibility into sales engagement

  • Simplified vendor asset management

  • Increase in marketing operations efficiency

  • Better control over internal-only content

  • Consistent content access across multiple apps

Enabling a solution-led sales process

As proven innovators of the security integration space, Fishtech Group is disrupting the VAR (Value Added Reseller) eco-system by offering holistic cyber-security solution services. Fishtech is a data-driven cybersecurity solutions provider that helps identify security gaps, minimize risk, maintain compliance, and increase efficiency. With a growing number of organizations undergoing a digital transformation, Fishtech’s services are a right fit to help them navigate through a SECURE digital transformation.

However, operating in an increasingly crowded market poses a unique go-to-market challenge.

– Fishtech’s marketing and sales teams have to be on top of the ever-changing information security landscape and offer the right solutions to their prospects and customers. Information and relevant content is a critical component of Fishtech’s solution-led sales and marketing strategy.

– As a trusted VAR, Fishtech works with more than a hundred vendor technologies to offer the most fitting solution to their customer’s requirements. In today’s buyer-led sales process, buyers are looking to Fishtech to help them navigate this complex vendor landscape and offerings. Fishtech relied on its vendor partner’s content to help become a trusted advisor to their prospects and customers.

With increasing content and information, Fishtech’s marketing team had to find a better way to streamline content enablement for their sales and customer-facing team members. The marketing team tried a couple of content management systems to help drive enablement, but the results were not promising.

Ryan Couch, Vice President of Marketing at Fishtech Group, went back to the drawing board with the following enablement objectives.

  • Arm sales team with the right content in the right solution context.

  • Enable reps with targeted content in the context of their sales opportunities in CRM.

  • Give sales reps visibility into buyer engagement.

  • Measure what content is working and what is not to make informed content investments.

  • Streamline content workflow with their strategic vendor partners.

A simple, powerful, flexible content distribution platform that is both a joy to look at and to work with.

As a head of marketing, my team is responsible for tons of content, to market, to train, to distribute constantly – we’ve tried other apps before and this is by far the best that not only our marketing team uses, but our sales team in the field does.

Ryan Couch

VP, Marketing at Fishtech Group

Sales and marketing alignment

Fishtech marketing team wanted to leverage the vendor-supplied content and the vast number of internally-developed content assets to help their customer-facing team members be trusted advisors to their buyers and prospects. With learning from their previous content enablement projects, Fishtech selected Enablix to help centralize access to all the trusted content. Before Enablix, Fishtech’s marketing team was managing content in disparate content management systems. The content was spread across Sharepoint, OneDrive, HubSpot, Fishtech’s website, and Vimeo. Furthermore, with vendor content changing rapidly, it was becoming difficult for sales to figure out what was available to be shared externally. This resulted in constant content requests to marketing to get access to the latest collateral.

"This is the third content management tool our organization has used and it is by far the easiest to use and most adopted by our sales team." – Content Marketing Manager, Fishtech Group

With Enablix, Fishtech’s marketing team has centralized access to all their trusted content from one central application. Sales reps not only have access to documents and presentations, but they can also blogs, articles, market research content, and videos to help them be a trusted advisor to their prospects. Fishtech team was able to reduce the initial set up time by importing existing content from OneDrive and leveraging Enablix’s integration with WordPress for automated importing of blogs and articles.

Additionally, Fishtech is using Enablix’s plugin for Salesforce and MS Outlook to give sales reps access to the content right where they spend most of their time working on opportunities and communicating with their buyers.

Improving sales communication

When enabling frontline sales team with content, you work with both external and internal facing content. Fishtech has access to proprietary market research that is used to educate its sales team but is not meant to be shared externally. Additionally, other process-related content assets are not intended for the external audience. Fishtech is able to leverage Enablix’s ability to manage internal and confidential assets to avoid misuse of this collateral. Sales reps still have all their content available in a central application without the risk of sharing internal-facing content with buyers or customers.

"As a marketing leader my team is responsible for tons of content, to market, to train, to distribute constantly - we've tried other apps before and this is by far the best that not only our marketing team uses, but our sales team in the field does." – Ryan Couch, VP of Marketing at Fishtech Group

With access to internal and external engagement insights, Fishtech marketing team is making informed content investments. Armed with data, sales and marketing is having a data-driven dialog on content gaps and content opportunities.

Learn how you can help drive sales success with content enablement and better marketing and sales alignment.