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  • At its core, a case study is just a real-life example of how one of your customers found value in using your product.
  • Because it’s all about value, customers are more likely to grant approval for case study requests when they’ve recently had a very positive experience.
  • Work with your CS and Sales teams to look for and monitor key indicators of when customers or prospects may be especially delighted with your brand, and make your request when the time is right.

Writing Case Studies can be difficult, but if you’re a b2b product marketer you know that the hardest part of the process is getting customer approval.

Over the next few weeks, I’d like to send you a comprehensive recipe filled with real and actionable steps you can do to give your brand a leg up on the competition.

We’ll cover team, timing, format, and other essentials for every marketer and product marketer to master in order to get more customer stories (and logos) on your site.

This week: It takes a village – why product marketers can’t be the only ones trying to get the case study. In the short video below, I walk through why you need to engage the entire team to create compelling customer stories (tl;dr below the video).

It’s not all about you! How to create a process where both teams win.