How to raise case study approval rates and get more customer stories

Here are the recipes to get you up and running, check out each recipe and each step within them.

Making sales and customer success your advocates

Product marketers can’t do it all themselves – Make the teams that interface with your customers the most your case study advocates.

Timing is everything

Picking the right time to approach your customer to tell your joint story is crucial – find the moments that matter.

It’s not all about you!

Pitching the case study and creating a process where your customer benefits from the case study is an incredibly important aspect of gettin buy-in.

Why wait? Navigating the corporate approval process

Knowing how to navigate, and even get ahead of, this process is going to be crucial to making your customer story public.

Let’s talk about text, baby (there’s too much of it)

Don’t get me wrong, the long-form text is incredibly important – but the case study shouldn’t be boxed into a 4 page PDF as the default format.


Why sharing the case study is so hard

Case studies are only valuable if they’re used, but many sales teams complain they can’t find the contect the product marketing team puts out.
It’s frustrating,and makes you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle against your own team.