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CRM modernization is not a prerequisite to Sales Enablement

admin_enablix - December 31, 2016 - 0 comments

  • Data is Data: Data is critical for a Sales Enablement program to work. But the source of that data hardly matters as long as the data is accurate. Every CRM system allows reps to capture data and allows third-party systems to access that data.
  • Process  Vs Tool: A Sales Enablement platform depends on an organization’s sales process instead of the tools. If your sales process is well defined, it really doesn’t matter in what tool that process is being executed.
  • It is Continuous: Sales Enablement is a continuous function that is meant to evolve with your organization. CRM modernization is a logical step in that evolution. The right sales enablement platform will be easy to adopt and align with the new CRM system.
CRM, without doubt, is the nerve center of sales operations. A sales enablement platform with strong integration capabilities that can co-exist with changes in the sales and marketing ecosystem will help organizations reap the long term benefits of their sales enablement investments. Minimize Sales Barriers with a Winning Content Management Strategy]]>

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