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Content Blueprint Series: Do you have a content blueprint?

admin_enablix - February 19, 2015 - 0 comments

content schematic-1 The list goes on. No matter which industry, avoiding a content library is not possible. Even though marketing teams are consciously not defining a content blueprint, they are building one inadvertently. We believe there is a tremendous opportunity to embrace a content blueprint for your organization’s offerings and use this blueprint as a vehicle to plan, organize, and monitor the effectiveness of your sales enablement content. Here are some simple guidelines on how to effectively leverage a content blueprint:

  • Communicate: Please communicate this blueprint to everyone in the organization. Your sales enablement content strategy has to revolve around this blueprint. Your product, marketing and sales teams should be aware of what constitutes the blueprint. This helps everyone in the organization to speak the same language and also helps set expectations on what to expect when a product is released to the sales team.
  • Plan: When you are planning a new product launch you can leverage this blueprint to ensure that the minimum set of collateral is available to ensure sales success. Sales will always demand more collateral. But having communicated the content blueprint upfront and then planning your content building activity around that blueprint will ensure that minimum criteria for collateral is met.
  • Monitor: This may not be possible for every organization. But it is very helpful to monitor what content type from your blueprint is more popular. You will start observing some interesting patterns in this data. This data will further help you focus your marketing and product’s team energy on content that the sales team finds more useful as opposed to content which lies around occupying space on your shared drive.
  • Consistency: A content blueprint offers an opportunity to define templates from commonly used content types. These templates can ensure consistency and reduce the individual effort to produce the target content.
There are several other advantages of having a well defined blueprint for your products and offerings. In this series we will continue to focus on improving sales enablement through a well defined content blueprint.]]>

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