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How Small to Medium-sized Businesses Can Tackle the World of Sales Enablement

The decision has been made, this is the year your company is going to crush the competition. Although your reps have made great strides in closing more deals, siloed content and inefficient processes have resulted in missed opportunities. Opportunities that could have taken you that much closer to reaching your goal, if not achieving it. […]

5 Sales Content Adoption Metrics to Improve Sales Enablement ROI [INFOGRAPHIC]

As a B2B marketer, you play a critical role in the success of your company’s sales enablement program. Measuring content adoption provides critical insights to understand how your content is performing, what is working well, or what needs to be improved. In the infographic below, you’ll find five sales content adoption metrics help you improve […]

5 Benefits from Consolidating Access to Trusted Content

Businesses of all sizes are investing more time, resources, and money into content than ever before. According to this 2017 study, most successful B2B marketers dedicate around 39% of their marketing budgets to content. Furthermore, with B2B marketers enable their sales teams with the right content is a big part of their content spend. However, […]

Simplifying Competitive Analysis to drive Sales

Competition is healthy. Having competitors is a strong validation of your target market. It is an important dimension of your go to market strategy. However, competition also makes you work that much harder. Your competitors, like you, are trying hard to get their message across to their target market. They are spending dollars to get […]

What is your product marketing’s “release to sales” process?

New products and major revisions to existing products are always exciting. Without a doubt, they are an important milestone for your company. So it is natural that a lot of investment goes into building a new offering and bringing it to the market. However, organizations seldom pay required attention to the last leg of the […]

A cloud storage app is not a content portal.

With the advent of cloud storage applications, organizations increasingly use them as storage systems for all their digital assets. Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, etc, have made it very easy to securely store documents and other digital assets on the cloud and make them available to your company/team. However, these cloud platforms are not an […]