Atomizing Content

Do you like to read long emails? Most likely not! No one does. There has been expansive research on shortening human attention span. Yet we always see the classic error of loading your collateral with too much information. It is not that information is not useful. The problem is that more often it gets managed in an unusable way. It is very common for product marketing teams to create large slide decks that include anything and everything about a specific offering of their company. It is loaded with:
  • Market Context
  • Market Pain Point
  • Details of the Offering
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Competitive Differentiators
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Discovery Questions
  • Objection Handling
  • Buyer Personas
  • etc.
The result is that this document or presentation is unusable. Why? Imagine if a sales rep needs to find the Discovery Questions for an upcoming qualification call with a prospect. The rep has to:
  • Access this document from your content repository (assuming she knows that she will find the discovery questions in this document. A big assumption in my opinion)
  • Navigate to the Discovery Questions section to use it as reference.
It’s just too much work. Instead the rep will pick the phone and ask her trusted advisor in the organization to either come on the call to help with the discovery or shoot her a set of discovery questions. And that is not only a huge efficiency drain but it basically makes your painstakingly put together content useless. Plus you never know whether this trusted advisor is asking the right questions.
Therefore it makes more sense to atomize your content. Break it into logical sections that can be leveraged by the sales reps. Not only this makes the content more usable and easy to distribute, it also has other  important benefits:
  • Easy to Access: Atomized content is easy to search for and access.
  • Easy to Track: In the above example, one could track (if they are tracking at all), whether the presentation was accessed. But no one would know why that presentation was accessed. By atomizing content, you have more granular insights into what is used when and why.
  • Easy to Provide Feedback: Its easier for the sales rep who accesses the atomized content to provide feedback on.
  • Easy to Maintain: Its easier to maintain a document or presentation that is focused on one topic than a 50 slide presentation that covers a broad set of topics.